More than 180 Latin American travelogues reviewed with excerpts

        Travelogues about Latin America have always been an area of intense interest to me, having travelled to nearly every country in the region. I first visited Mexico in the early 1980s, and worked in Colombia for four years; altogether I have spent more than a decade in Latin America. I think my interest in this area can be traced back to a childhood reading of Tintin and Prisoners of the Sun by Herge, a kind of comic book travelogue for kids, set among the Incas of Peru. Also I have published one travelogue myself. I decided to list my book collection alphabetically and write a brief review and synopsis of what the books are about to help people who have a similar interest. There are more than 180 books in this list - a few of them are a little difficult to get a hold of. Some are very old and out of print, and several were never sold in North America, but only a couple of them are true 'rare books' - I can't afford them! Nearly all the titles listed here can be found and purchased over the internet by using Abebooks, Bibliofind, Alibris, or other web-based book finding services. The year of publication and page references for the extracts refer to the editions I have - often they differ from later or earlier editions, as do the inclusion/exclusion of photographs; American and English editions, even if published by the same publisher in the same year, can be significally different. I found many of the books in second hand bookstores, though many still are in print. Don't forget you can usually obtain almost any book through your local library, even if they don't stock a copy, through various inter-library exchange schemes.
        This may seem like a large list, but its really only the tip of the iceberg of books written in English. There is an even larger body of work in Spanish, Portuguese and other languages, going back 500 years, many of these are yet to be properly translated. The travelogue genre is very old but it is getting added to right up to the present day. In this list you will find several travelogues written by women (two of whom were nuns), one by an American President, several by archaeologists and scientists, another is by a paraplegic; others were written by travellers who walked, rafted, canoed, drove cars or rode horses, mules, bicycles or motorcycles. One book describes a journey by flying-boat, another by amphibious jeep while yet another is by hovercraft!

        NB: you might like to bookmark this site,since you probably won't read it all at once - it prints out to well over 100 pages. Send me an email if you want to be notified when new reviews are posted; I regularly update this page. 

Updated / travelogue review # 191 added: 20th September  2015


20,000 Miles South, Helen and Frank Schreider

Across Unknown South America, A. Henry Savage-Landor

Aguirre, Stephen Minta

Along the Inca Road, Karin Muller

Along the Parana and the Amazon, Frank G Carpenter

Along the Peruvian Andes, John Sayle

Amazon Fortune Hunter, Paul Gregor

An Account of a Voyage up the River de la Plata, Acarete du Biscay

Andes, Michael Jacobs

Around South America With a Sample Case, J Frank Lanning

At the Tomb of the Inflatable Pig, John Gimlette

Back On The Road: A Journey to Central America, Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Baja to Patagonia, Larry Rice

Beggars on Golden Stools, Peter Schmid

Beyond Lake Titicaca, Angela Caccia

Beyond the River of the Dead, D.G. Fabre

Beyond the Silver River, Jimmy Burns

Bluestocking in Patagonia, Anne Whitehead

A Brief Memoir of James Wilson, James Wilson

The Bolivian Andes, Sir Martin Conway

Bolivian Diary, Ernesto Che Guevara

The Bolivian Times, Tim Elliott

Brazilian Adventure, Peter Fleming

Brazilian Interior, Kenneth Matthews

Brazil on the Move, John Dos Passos

The Burial Brothers, Simon Mayle

The Capital of Hope, Alex Shoumatoff

Casual Wanderings In Ecuador, Blair Niles

Chasing Che, Patrick Symmes

Circling South America, Isabel Anderson

The Cloud Forest, Peter Matthiessen

Cocaine Train, Stephen Smith

Coleman's Drive, John Coleman

The Condor and the Cows, Christopher Isherwood

Coups and Cocaine, Anthony Daniels

Cusco Tales, Richard Nisbet

Cut Stones and Crossroads, Ronald Wright

The Darien Gap, Martin Mitchinson 

Death, Dreams and Dancing in Nicaragua, Penny O'Donnell

A Death In Brazil, Peter Robb

Digging Up Butch and Sundance, Anne Meadows

East to the Amazon, John Blashford Snell and Richard Snailham

Ecuador the Unknown, Victor W von Hagen

Eight Feet in the Andes, Dervla Murphy

Enchanting Wilderness, Hans Tolten

Exploration Fawcett, Col. P.H. Fawcett

Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon, William Herndon

Explorations of the Highlands of the Brazil, Richard Burton

The Explorers of the Amazon, Anthony Smith

The Explorers of South America, Edward Goodman

Exploring the Amazon, Helen and Frank Schreider

Forty Years in the Argentine Republic, Arthur E Shaw
For Science and National Glory, Robert Ryal Miller
Four Faces of Peru, W Byford-Jones
Four Kiwis and a Falcon, David Harford
From Sea to Sea in South America, W. T. Blake
From the Andes to the Amazon Basin in Ecuador, Heinrich Goldschmid
The Fruit Palace, Charles Nicholl
Full Circle, A South American Journey, Luis Sepulveda
Ghost Train Through the Andes, Michael Jacobs
Golden Wall and Mirador, Sacheverell Sitwell
Grandmother Drives South, Constance Jordan Henley
Green Dreams, Travels in Central America, Stephen Benz
The Green Horizons, Gilbert Phelps
The Gringo Trail, Mark Mann
Gringos in the Mist, Greg Gordon
Half a Dozen of the Other, Sebastian Snow
Hans Staden, The True Story of his Captivity, Hans Staden
Head-Hunters of the Amazon, FW Up de Graaf
Heart of the Amazon, Yossi Ghinsberg
High Cities of the Andes, Celia Wakefield
Highway of the Sun, Victor W von Hagen
History of a Voyage to Brazil, by Jean de Lery
House of the Tiger King, Tahir Shah
The Impossible Adventure, Alain Gheerbrant
The Impossible Ride, Louise Sutherland
In and Out the Andes, Maria del Rey
In Bolivia, Eric Lawlor
In Patagonia, Bruce Chatwin
The Incredible Voyage, Tristan Jones
In the Amazon Jungle, Algot Lange
In the Realms of Gold, Quentin Crewe
In Trouble Again, Redmond O'Hanlon
Inca Kola, Matthew Parris