Glen David Short - Filmography

Clockwise from top left: as doctor with Saif Ali Khan Rani Mukerji in Ta Ra Rum Pum; as Captain Smith in Hamara Tiranga; with Mike Lennon and Shahrukh Khan in ad for Jet Airways; with Simon Hewitt and Brett Lee in Victory!

Producer / Director, Documentary, Trek to the End of the World Video
Producer / Director, Aussies in the Andes:Official "Aussies in the Andes" Webpage with 7 minute preview and link to the full feature length film  Pic1Pic2
Producer / Director, The King of Cusco:  DNA articlePic1, Pic2, Pic3 6 minute preview
As himself, interviewed by Sara Paola Enriquez for Canal 43 in Cusco, Peru (25 minutes, in Spanish): VideoPic
As himself, interviewed for 3rd Kulture Films documentary Breaking Into Bollywood / Beyond Bollywood / The Bollywood ProjectPic.
As himself, interviewed for Bindaas ProductionsPic.
As himself, interviewed for Arde Troya ShowPic.
As himself, in Last Train to Gosford (unreleased) Pic.
FILMS: Speaking roles
As Captain Smith in  Hamara Tiranga (working titles were Parcham  and The Flag)- 
Pic1Pic2Pic3Pic4Pic5Pic6Pic7Pic 8Pic9Pic10VideoOfficial Webpage, Video 2
As Commissioner Wilson in Jhansi Ki Rani: Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3Pic4, Pic5video 1,
As doctor in Ta Ra Rum PumPic1Pic2, Pic3.
As Boxing Federation judge in Apne
As Major Murray in 
Pazhassi RajaPic1, Pic2Pic3Pic4Pic5  Pic6Pic7Pic8, Pic9Pic10Pic11Pic12Pic13Pic14Pic15Pic16Video.
As health inspector in 
Heyy BabyyPic.
As businessman in Kismat Konnection: Pic1Pic2Pic3
As talent scout in My name is Anthony Gonsalves: Pic1Pic2.
As English teacher in 
Hello: Pic1Pic2Pic3Pic4.
As Senior Detective in Crook: It's Good to be BadPic1, Pic2Pic3Pic4Pic5Pic6Pic7Pic8Pic9, Pic10, Pic11Pic12, Pic13Pic14
As London policeman in Marathi comedy film: Pic
FILMS:Cameo/background extra/non-speaking roles
As Cricket Umpire in Victory!: Pic1,Pic2Pic3Pic4Pic5Pic6, Pic7, Pic8, Pic9Pic10.
As patient in I See YouPic1 Pic2.
As doctor in SuperstarPic.
As theatre manager in Ru-Ba-Ru: Pic1Pic2, Pic3.
As cello player in I Hate Luv StoriesPic1Pic2Pic3Pic4Pic5Pic6
As underworld figure in "Game" Pic 1Pic 2.
As barfly in Namaste London Pic1Pic2
As businessman in Salaam-e-Ishq Pic1
As plane passenger in Jaan-E-Man: Pic1Pic2Pic3.
As businessman in Laaga Chunari Mein Daag: Pic1Pic2
As cruise ship passsenger in BhoothnathPic1
As book fan in Halla BolPic1Pic2Pic3
As diner in Jhootha Hi Sahi:  Pic1Pic2, Pic3.
As air marshall in Tere Bin Laden Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4
As foreign businessman in Saat Phere

As doctor in Adnan Sami song "Terri Yaad": PicVideo. 
As bar customer behind Rakhi Sawant in Krazzy 4 feature song "Dekhta Hai Tu Kya": Pic1Pic2Video. 
As sailor in Bahloo's "Keep Sailing On" (1988): Pic.

As jazz bandmaster for Airtel: Pic,  Video.
As businessman in bank ad: Video,  Pic1Pic2, Pic3, Pic4, Pic5Pic6
As detective for Sahara TV: Pic1Pic2.
As boss from hell in "Mad Angles" ad: PicVideo. 
As businessman for Bahrain ad: Pic.
As eskimo for House of Pearl ad: Pic.
As old man for rice ad: Pic.
As businessman in laptop ad: PicVideo. 
As businessman for Canadian TV ad: Pic.
As shopper for cellphone ad (among some very tall Bollywood extras!): Pic.
As chef for East End Spice company: Pic.
As advertising executive for Johhny Walker ad: Pic1Pic2.
As western businessman in sauna: Pic1video
As prison guard in washing powder ad: PicVideo.
As cricket spectator fro Videocon ad: Pic.
As father of teenager in hair dye ad.
As foreign businessman for in-house training film: Pic1Pic2.
As American college professor for Gillette educational film
YouTube / SHORTS / :
"Norton Riders Visit Cusco": VideoPic.
"Visit To Amazon Golf Course": Video.
"Cusco's Coca Shop" Video
"Dangers of Hitch-hiking": Video  (37 minutes long)
"Arrival of Plastiki and Welcome Speeches"  Video  (51 minutes long)
Titan Specs: Pic1Pic2Pic3Pic4Pic5,  Online Ad
X-Ray Catalogue: Pic1
Jet Airways: Pic1Pic2
Gigapans: Link
Announcer in PrincePic1

Latin American Short Films: PDF
BOOK: "An Odd Odyssey": - Reviews,- Slideshow