Madaru moto - motorbike adventures in South America  

Day 145: All night I could hear bird calls and a kind of wimpering, but the bird calls really increased just before the crack of dawn, when I was to witness a beautiful orange sunrise across the Coronda River

A horse was my only company...

The whimpers were coming from this litter of puppies nestling behind the kiosk.

Ready to roll

Hitting the road... it was only 5 degrees C, but the temperature started heating up pretty quickly

Thinly-wooded country called monte in the local colloquial.

Corn seemed the dominant crop; the scenery reminded me of my youth in rural NSW

Approaching Rafaela from the south

An aircraft displayed beside the road near the town of Rafaela. Click on image to view in greater detail

I rode into Rafaela to find and ATM machine to withdraw some cash. It seemed like a very nice little township.

an hour later was this cemetery with ornate vaults

Atwakey clocks up 9500km

To commemorate, I pulled over and buried another geocache:

Burial place looked like this

Around here, birds' nests sit atop telegraph poles

 The scenery was subtly changing

Another small town  

click on image below to open as a gigapan

Next I came to a toll gate and asked the attendant how much I had to pay; he half chastised / half abused me, saying I need not pay anything and to get moving as there were a couple of trucks queued behind me.  The only unfriendly note on an otherwise fabulous, sunny day.

From corn country to cotton country. Raw cotton, fallen off the back of bulk cotton trucks, lines the road fro as far the eye could see. From certain angles it looked like snow

Entering the town of Tostado

Riding into Tostado, I passed a municipal camping site beside a river, continued into town and bought gasoline and some food, then turned around and rode back to the camp site. It looked good

This man and his young family approached me as I was unpacking and asked a lot about my trip. He said he always wanted to do such a trip, and he and a friend even had a Honda ready to go, but then pointed to his family, and said "things happened" which made it impractical. I guess he meant getting married, having children etc.

Tent erected at the end of a good day 

This woman ran the kiosk, and said the camp ground was free. I chatted to her for half an hour about travelling by bike. I am sure she didn't not understand much of what I said, but for her too, enthusiasm for the notion of travelling around the continent by bike  was very evident.

Map of the days 420km ride. The land was flat and dry - the Chaco. 

 Tomorrow, if I left early, I might make the town of Gancedo, where I hoped to fulfil a lifelong wish.  

But, as has happened so often before on this trip, not everything would go according to plan...   

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